Domestic Insurers include general and long-term insurers.

General insurers typically offer accident insurance, liability insurance, marine, aviation and transport insurance, motor vehicle insurance, pecuniary loss insurance, and property insurance business.   Long-term insurers offer industrial life insurance, ordinary life insurance, variable life insurance, sickness or health insurance, including group health, pension fund management, annuities, and variable annuity business.

Policies & Guidelines

Domestic Insurers (Long Term & General)

Title Date Read
Admin Fines Schedule - Ins Act - Ins Companies - March 2019
Branch Regime - Statement of Principles
Complaints Process
Guidance Notes on Independent Directors
Guidance Notes for Minimum Qualification for Adjusters
Guidelines for Assessing General Fitness and Propriety
Principal Representative Role & Responsibility
Publication of Audited Financial Statements

Long-Term Insurers

Title Date Read
Annual Actuarial Reporting Requirement

Risk-Based Supervision

Title Date Read
Risk-Based Supervision Framework for Insurance Companies
Risk-Based Supervision Correspondence
Guidance Note for Corporate Governance & Oversight Assessment Criteria
Guidelines for Supervisory Ladder of Intervention for Insurance Companies

Risk-Based Capital (RBC)

Title Date Read
Long-term Risk-Based Capital Adequacy Framework Guidelines
Long-term Risk-Based Capital Framework Correspndence
Long-term Risk-Based Capital Adequacy Worksheet
Long-term Risk-Based Capital - Asset Default Factors
Introduction of a Risk-Based Capital Regime for General Insurers 2018
General Insurers - QIS Letter 2021 Risk-Based Capital
General Insurance Capital Adequacy Guidelines 2021
General Insurance Capital Adequacy Worksheet (Blank) 2021


Title Date Read
General Due Diligence Requirements - Directors, Sr. Mngmnt., Shareholder, Principal Rep.
Guidance Note for Gen. Ins. and their Intermeds. on Min. Due Diligence Requirements for Policyholders
Summary of Changes in Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines
AML-CFT-PF Guidelines for Insurance Companies
Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officer Guidelines (Fitness & Propriety)
Anti-Money Laundering-CFT Ladder of Intervention
Anti-Money Laundering-CFT-PF On-site Examination Form ver. 2019


Title Date Read
NOTICE - Guidance Note on CESRA