External Insurers are entities that are domiciled in The Bahamas, but provide insurance services to markets outside of this jurisdiction.  Licensees in this category are regulated under the External Insurance Act, 2009.

Policies & Guidelines


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Guidance Note for Gen. Ins. and their Intermeds. on Min. Due Diligence Requirements for Policyholders
General Due Diligence Requirements - Director, Sr. Mngmnt., Shareholder, Principal Rep.
AML & CFT & PF Guidelines for Insurance Companies
Ladder of Intervention - AML & CFT & PF
Anti-Money Laundering On-Site Examination Form

Risk-Based Supervision

Title Date Read
Risk-Based Supervision Framework
Risk-Based Supervision Letter
Corporate Governance & Oversight Assessment
Ladder of Supervisory Intervention - Insurance Companies

Corporate Governance and Management

Title Date Read
Role and Responsibilities of the Captive Manager
Role and Responsibilities of the Resident Representative


Title Date Read
NOTICE - Guidance Note on CESRA